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Screws are used to fasten materials by digging in and wedging into a material when turned.


Make sure your gun is operating smoothly

Barrel length and rifling are also two factors many consider as they pursue accuracy. The same rules do not apply to paintballs as they do for bullets. Isn't the goal to hit the opponent? With these tips you should be a 'dead eye' out on that field. This is the one variable players have the least control over, and the variable that it most affected by the weather. Accurate flight relies on consistent bore size, roundness and seam size. The slightest variation could throw off the aim. Hot and cold weather play havoc with paintball consistency. Barrel materials come in a wide variety including brass, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon fiber. After each paintball session do a Flat twin screw barrel Manufacturers visual inspection to make sure all the moving parts are in order. The barrel should also be true as it screws into the gun.The accuracy of a paintball gun depends on many factors. The more consistent the pressure is in your gun the more consistent the velocity will be resulting in a better grouping of shots. Make sure old lubricants are cleaned off the internals and that the seals are tight. Which is the same reason rifling doesn't improve accuracy either. First, barrel length is a personal preference. Keep an eye on controlling the pressure of the high pressure air or CO2 gas used to operate your gun. But there are certain areas to be mindful of to tip the odds in your favor. What are you possibly waiting for? Get out there today! No one else is going to check to make sure your gun is operating smoothly. Paintball gun accuracy is elusive. You want to ensure your gun fires the same way every time. Due to all these variables, and the fact that paintballs themselves are inconsistent makes it hard for the paintball enthusiast to shoot with confidence. But with proper maintenance, good paint quality, consistent velocity and a smooth barrel you can increase your odds at hitting what you're aiming for. Keeping your gun clean and well lubed will also help you get accurate results. Barrel Quality For consistent contact between the barrel and the paintball the barrel should be smooth and free of scratches. Paint Quality This is the number one factor affecting accuracy. There is no one single element that can be tweaked or modified to improve accuracy; it is many elements all working together that leads to the best accuracy possible. Maintenance One of the most basic things you can control is making sure your gun is running at optimum performance every time you take the field. There is no reason to participate if you can't aim your barrel accurately. Contrary to popular belief barrel length has nothing to do with accuracy. You are looking for consistency here. It's your responsibility. Velocity This is also a huge factor in accuracy. There are advantages and disadvantages for each material ranging from smoothness to cost. With this new information you should be well on your way to paintball shooting success.

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